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What happened to the old Bro Dough?

Erica here! I spent 40+ hours in stores collecting feedback from customers, and received your feedback in over 600 survey responses. The price point and packaging format was not ideal for many folks, so we made some changes. Instead of Bro Dough tubs, we are moving to single servie cookie dough bites!

Why can't I order online?

We're a super scrappy, lean, small business, and shipping a refrigerated product across a big country like Canada has many challenges (especially in the summer). Expensive shipping, risk of product spoiling, and minimum order quantities... We decided to only sell Bro Dough in grocery stores so you can have the BEST experience. 

You aren't in any stores near me, how come?

Patience, pals! We're rolling out into stores across Ontario, and throughout the next 12 months you'll find Bro Dough ALL across Canada! Woohoo!

Why don't you sell to the US?

Ah… the most commonly asked question. I hear you, I really do, my US friends! We're launching BRAND NEW protein cookies this year that will be available online

... Make sure you're signed up to our US email list, we are dropping some exciting news there soon!


Will you sell your cookie dough outside on Canada one day?

We would love nothing more than to have our product in fridges across the world (how cool would that be!?). But we are still in the early stage of our business, and it won’t be happening in the foreseeable future. With our cookie dough, we're focusing on Canada for now.

How can your cookie dough be safe to eat raw?

We know eating regular cookie dough is a bit risky… but we’re a little different. Bro Dough is completely safe to eat raw! We use gluten free oat flour, and there are no eggs in our cookie dough (it's completely plant-based).

Is your product vegan?

Bro Dough uses 100% vegan ingredients, and is made in a facility that only uses vegan ingredients.

How can I use Bro Dough?

Bro… the possibilities are ENDLESS. It can be eaten however you like. But to give you some ideas:

Wait... You can do stuff with it??

You bet! There are SO many ways to enjoy Bro Dough, so enjoy it your way!

Some of our favourite ways:
  • Oatmeal topping
  • Ice cream topping
  • Waffles or pancakes topping
  • Mixed into yogurt
  • Microwaved for ~12-15 seconds (SO GOOD!)
  • Cookie dough truffles (dip the bites in melted chocolate and refrigerate) 

or eat 'em as they are. Three delicious bites.

Can I bake Bro Dough?

Bro Dough is intended to be eaten raw due to the nature of our ingredients.

Where do I find the nutritional info?

The ingredients, along with the nutritional information can be found on our product page..

I want Bro Dough at my school… is this possible?

YES! We would love nothing more than to be available at your school! Again, please put in requests for our product to your schools and if we get enough hype, we can make it happen! 

How do I store it?

Bro Dough needs to be refrigerated, but can be enjoyed on the go for up to 2 days (it just becomes VERY soft). You can also store it in your freezer for a harder texture. :)

Is your product kosher?

No, our products are not kosher certified, but we use kosher-certified ingredients and it's made in a kosher certified facility.

Is your product gluten free?

YES!!! It's made in a facility that only uses certified gluten free ingredients.

Is your product nut free?

No, our cookie dough uses a almond and cashew butter blend as the base ingredient. 

What type of protein do you use?

We use a 100% vegan, high-quality pea protein (don’t worry, no icky protein taste in our cookie dough, a lot of our protein comes from the 100% natural nut butters).

Do you use any artificial sweeteners or preservatives?

Heck no! We take pride in being a clean, quality product. Our sweetener of choice is MAPLE SYRUP. Very Canadian, eh? ;)

Do you wholesale?

We sure do! Please visit our wholesale page.

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